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Systematix at the Agility Tour 2023

On November 8th and 9th, the Systematix team in Quebec took part in the 15th anniversary of the Agility Tour; an event in which we sponsor. More than 1,000 agility-focused participants gathered at the Centre de Foires of Québec City. Participants were able to choose from over 20 sessions with more than 30 speakers covering many interesting discussions!

Within the sessions, the major hit was the Squad Health Check, “Speak to your teams”; a discussion led by Antoine Desrosiers. This discussion highlighted different perspectives about team communication and wellness.

In closing, we share with you Tomás Mordojovich’s wise conclusion: “Never forget that each company, project or mandate has its own particularities. Agility will be useful if, and only if, the tools used are compliant to its environment. Applying “by the book” methodologies without considering the state of affairs and the culture of the organization will be costly and risks derailing efforts to become more agile.


Here are some testimonials from our participants:


“I had the opportunity to learn about diverse topics that were not top-of-mind throughout my career; there were many perspectives that I hadn’t taken into consideration. I also learned several typical Quebecois expressions thanks to the friendliness of some speakers! It was a great event with relevant discussions that taught me methods that I will integrate into my work for sure.” – Tomás, Functional Architect


“This event was an incredible experience! It was enriching to be there in person this time, after having participated virtually from Madagascar last year. I truly appreciated the atmosphere; Speakers definitely knew how to catch my attention and allowed me to deepen my knowledge. The Quebec Agility Tour is a real intellectual feast! I am looking forward to implementing all these ideas in my daily work.” – Christophe, Functional analyst


“I have learned many things during this event. I left with lots of answers but also lots of questions! Agility is way more then a simple project management method, it is a powerful tool that helps us live in this constantly evolving world.” – Tojo, Programmer Analyst