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Systematix offers consulting services in seven main areas.

Find out how we can help your organization reach its full potential using innovative technologies.

Strategic Consulting Services

Modern businesses lean heavily on Information Technology to achieve their goals, which requires aligning dependable technologies – and the mechanisms to attain them – with strategic needs. This calls for a solid enterprise architecture, evolving technology roadmap, and a pragmatic and dynamic understanding of how it all works together.

By leveraging Systematix strategic consulting services, you’ll get an impartial view of your technology roadmap coupled with an unflinching dedication to your success. Be it from architecture reviews to business transformation oversight, or from business continuity plans to disaster recovery strategies, or from security assessments to risk analysis, Systematix is a trusted partner in unlocking operational longevity.

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Business and Digital Transformation

In order to be competitive and ensure long-term viability, business leaders must transform the enterprise so that it can evolve, deliver value, and boost returns. This can be achieved by using existing technology and tools, by modifying them, or by creating new ones.

Let Systematix assess and fill your Information Technology gaps so you can leverage your competitive advantages to improve your business. By providing expertise in any number of transformative technologies, Systematix can help you determine the best approach for your people and processes and select the right solutions to keep your business evolving to meet changing business and market requirements.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

From identifying risks before they become realities to spotting opportunities worth exploring, business intelligence (BI), reporting, and analytics are critical for making informed decisions. Through enhanced data and information management, BI solutions build client loyalty, advance business efficiencies, achieve the right results, and unlock future possibilities. 

Systematix’s expertise can help you unearth and mobilize valuable business data that is both hidden and in plain sight. Our tailored approaches to transforming data into solutions empowers our clients to operate at digital speed and make intelligent, data-informed decisions.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Solutions Integration

Integrated ERP systems have the ability to combine multiple business functions into a cohesive platform. With baked-in best practices and operational points of convergence, ERP technologies provide visibility to the mechanics and performance of an entire enterprise. 

Since 1999, Systematix has been implementing and upgrading ERP systems covering Finance, HR, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Supply Chain and Material Resource Management (i.e. Inventory, POS, manufacturing etc.). With an enviable bench of ERP experts, project leaders, and business transformation specialists, Systematix can help plan, design, implement, upgrade, maintain, or support the systems that form your enterprise backbone. Be it to improve offerings, operations, productivity, or cost management, Systematix can deliver results through automated processes, enhanced workflows, organizational change, and data centralization for enhanced end-to-end management of your business.

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Cloud Enablement

As markets reach an important scale of globalization, organizations’ corporate tools need to be available non-stop and from anywhere. By adopting cloud computing, organizations partly delegate the operation of their computing resources. While this reduces their IT management efforts, it does not eliminate their responsibility in terms of cost efficiency, security, and risk management.

With proven expertise in implementing and managing cloud solutions, Systematix can help our clients embrace the right combination of cloud technologies to rapidly build integrated solutions ranging from proof of concept to implementation. Additionally, we can help our clients rationalize and categorize their application portfolio and transform their IT environments. Leveraging platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud, and other solutions, Systematix will see that cloud management best practices are implemented and operationalized for enhanced business value.

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Securing your Business

In order to thrive, businesses must be prepared for and able to mitigate and recover from interruptions – whether it’s data loss, cybersecurity, ransomware, or hijacking. As these threats continuously evolve to become more intelligent, the concept of impenetrable defences becomes impossible. By recognizing the frailty of any solution, you can begin to secure your business against where it will hurt most and have a plan to return to normal.

Systematix has a suite of offerings to help you secure your business and mitigate technology-driven or controlled asset risk. Whether you require a business impact analysis, a security architecture review, a data recovery plan or business continuity plan, Systematix has the expertise to help you find vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk of operational interruptions.

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Development Services

The development, evolution, or maintenance of core and administrative applications constitutes the heart of most Information Technology services.

From its inception, Systematix has helped organizations support their Integrated IT solutions. Regardless of the technologies or methodologies involved, Systematix can take on all or part of your workload, add to or enhance team resources, suggest ways of doing things differently, or effectively adapt existing methods. You can trust Systematix to efficiently develop applications through cutting-edge information technology expertise and highly committed, collaborative relationships. Our services are delivered on site or through our delivery centre using your own environment or an external development environment.

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