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Our team from Quebec at the Leucan ski challenge 2023

Systematix was represented by our multi-cultural team (Patrice – replaced at the last minute by Simon for injury issues, Élodie, Eduardo and Naoufal) at the Leucan ski challenge that took place on March 25 at the Stoneham ski station. Ranked 11th in its category thanks to the generous donations ($ 1,610) and the participation of Systematix ($ 1,610), we have contributed to the total amount of the Stoneham ski challenge, $325,000 (a record), which will be donated to the Leucan organism.

Simon, Patrice, Élodie, Eduardo and Naoufal

The day began with breakfast made of juices and pastries, brought by the team captain, Élodie. Each member of the team was wearing a puppy on their helmet as a sign of support for the children of the association. The puppies have created lots of reactions in the station, from people of all ages!

Ana, Eduardo’s partner, accompanied the team during the whole challenge, as well as Christine, who doesn’t need any introduction anymore!

Eduardo, Ana, Naoufal, Élodie, Simon and Christine

This day, full of emotions, ended with a drink, a well-deserved meal at the “4 Foyers”, great fireworks and awesome music played by a band.

Of the 133 teams registered, only 60 managed to end the challenge of skiing for 10 hours (around 1 descent per hour). The “Stonymatix” team greatly succeeded in this challenge with more than 20 descents!

On Sunday morning, our team finally got some much-needed rest with the pride of having received a symbolic medal, a child drawing, which soothed the sore muscles for sure.


Special mention to Naoufal, who managed to find all the energy needed to succeed in this challenge even with an empty stomach because of the Ramadan fast. Facing the humps was a challenge in itself!

Thank you to Eduardo and Naoufal for passing their very first ski challenge!

This day, with the amazing weather condition, very nice snow, a successful challenge, a great number of donations collected, and a friendly team was a real success! Something tells us that the “Stonematix” team will be back next year …

Finally, thank you to all of those who generously donated to this cause and for all your support. Thank you again to our wonderful ski team for this 2023 Leucan ski challenge!

Élodie, Eduardo, Simon and Naoufal proudly wearing the medal