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ServiceNow IT Consultant


Job: ServiceNow IT Consultant

ServiceNow IT Consultant

Systematix IT Solutions is seeking a ServiceNow IT consultant for a contract position in a Federal Government department.

Project Description

For an upcoming project, we require a ServiceNow workflow solution Subject Matter Expert in IT Ticketing and Asset Management with expert knowledge of best practices, configuration, procedures and future state mapping.


  • Recommend best practices and process improvements based on knowledge, experience and expert knowledge of ServiceNow;
  • Analyze data, and current workflows/practices, find potential opportunities, risks, inefficiencies, and points of strength and recommend remediation or changes based on their analysis.
  • Make recommendations on the IT Asset Management and Ticketing model and procedures for configuration and operational readiness.
  • Assist in implementing the changes or assist employees in making the changes.
  • Communicate knowledge and recommendations in a way that makes it accessible to non-specialists.
  • Represent business needs in workshops, discussions and configuration discussions with the vendor.
  • Map out processes for policies, business rules and procedures, and communicate the contexts in which the rules, processes and policies are to be applied in the ServiceNow platform and/or operationally.
  • Validate the overall design of the solution and all the requirements for the future state in accordance with industry best practices.
  • Provide input for the design and construction of test cases and scenarios, and may also validate executed test results.
  • Guide other professionals on the project/program to ensure the platform works as intended and based on client needs.
  • Obtain or provide approval for changes to rules, processes and policies. –
  • Define procedures or standards, since he/she has the knowledge of what the right or best way to execute a task would be.
  • Manage workshops with vendors and employees of client and mediate points of contention or conflict with influence and confidence.


  • 8-10 Years experience with configuration and process mapping of Service Now.
  • Expert knowledge of the ServiceNow IT Asset Management and IT Ticketing features, modules and platform.
  • Able to communicate to all levels (analyst to C-Suite) in a clear, accurate manner and distill information into simple terms when required.
  • Worked in at least projects of similar size and complexity, where they acted as a subject matter expert.
  • At least five years of experience in process mapping and future state planning.
  • Superior communication skills, preferably in both official languages, and strong ability in negotiation and influencing skills.
  • Ability to manage time, scope and costs aligned with project management principles