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Cybersecurity Analyst

We are Systematix and we are looking for a Cybersecurity Analyst to fill a six-month contract position with one of our key clientele in the equipment manufacturing industry in the Greater Toronto Area.

About the Project

Our client, one of the world’s leading commercial, industrial and construction equipment manufactures, is seeking a IT Cybersecurity Analyst responsible to support and implement IT security systems to protect the organization’s computer networks from cyber-attacks. The analyst also helps develop organization-wide best practices for IT security, monitor computer networks for security issues, install security software and document all security issues or breaches.

About the Responsibilities

  • Install security measures and operate software
  • Upgrade systems to enable security software
  • Install and upgrade antivirus software
  • Test and evaluate new technology
  • Perform penetration testing
  • Analyze IT requirements and provide objective advice on the use of IT security requirements
  • Gather feedback from end users to continue to improve systems
  • Design, analyze and implement efficient IT security systems

Key Job Functions:

  1. Ensuring digital assets are protected from unauthorized access. This includes securing both online and on premise infrastructures, weeding through metrics and data to filter out suspicious activity, and finding and mitigating risks before breaches occur. If a breach does occur, security analyst is the front line, leading efforts to counter the attack.
  2. Generating reports for IT administrators and business managers to evaluate the efficacy of the security policies in place.
  3. Pro-actively track and monitor the security risk posture of the organization:
    • Monitoring security access
    • Conducting security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk analysis
    • Performing both internal and external security audits
    • Analyzing security breaches to identify the root cause
    • Continuously updating the company’s incident response and disaster recovery plans
    • Verifying the security of third-party vendors and collaborating with them to meet security requirements
  4. Documenting the organization’s Cyber Security strategy. Incident response: manages the negative effects of an attack or breach, from minimizing the impact to altering security controls for future prevention.
  5. Computer forensics to aid in the prevention of crime through the collection, analysis, and reporting of data. It also enables an analyst to create evidence in the event of a breach.
  6. Reverse engineering to comprehend why a piece of software does what it does in order to patch a bug or analyze malware.
  7. Penetration testing during which an analyst will test networks, computers, web-based applications, and other systems to detect exploitable vulnerabilities.
  8. Intrusion prevention, which involves monitoring network traffic to detect potential threats and then responding to these threats promptly.

About the Requirements

1.         Security related certification / designation.

2.         3+ years of experience in information security

3.         The incumbent should be working to obtain relevant certifications for their position.

4.         The person needs to be able to operate in a busy environment and manage his or her own priorities.

5.         They need to understand that this is a Customer Service environment and operate appropriately.

6.         Excellent written and oral communication skills

7.         Experienced with penetration testing and techniques

8.         Ability to identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities

9.         Understand patch management

10.       Knowledge of firewalls, antivirus and IDPS concepts

11.       Experienced in installing security software and documenting security issues

About the Role

This is a six (6) month contract position (full-time hours) located just north of Toronto in Concord, Ontario with a high possibility of extension based on performance. Work is based on a hybrid model of remote and onsite work, but will be mostly remote.

Apply now

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us or submit your resume to Or, if you know someone who meets these qualifications, please forward this assignment opportunity to them.

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Job: Cybersecurity Analyst